Monday, February 05, 2007

These Babes Swallow

Hey, here's a great gallery of clips where the women swallow cum at the end of the scene. I have to admit, as much of a cumshot fan I am, the swallowing thing does nothing for me, but I know I am in the minority. It is a popular niche in porn. This site is pushing two popular cum swallowing sites, Big Mouthfuls and Swallow Me POV. I have seen them both, so I will give you the low down.

Big Mouthfuls is very big site with about 180 scenes, and all the women gulp it down at the end. You get the full sex scene, usually over 30 minutes long. The sex is good and maybe about 20% or the scenes had anal. The video quality is extremely good, with Mpegs at 1220k and WMV's at 1000k. The videos look excellent even at full screen, and all are downloadable. The great thing about this site is all the bonus sites. It is a part of Ox Pass, and they give you all their sites as bonus sites when you join any one of their sites. This features such famous sites as Ass Parade and Bang Bus. So it totals over 1000 assorted downloadable xxx videos in very high quality. But beware, the trial membership does let you download all the movies. You only get the first few minutes of each scene, and you have to "upgrade" to get the rest, and it upgrades or renews at a whopping $39.95. Considering the full access monthly membership is only $24.95, I would not go for the trial on this one.

Swallow Me POV is a rather smallish site, with only about 37 full scenes, but is saved by being a part of BrainPass, so you get all the BrainPass sites included free. And that just happens to include a site called "Load My Mouth" which has another POV blow job scenes where the women gulp down the guy's load at the end, so now you have about 180 videos. Now add to that the over 2000 assorted hardcore videos from the over 40 BrainPass sites, and you are talking about a shit load of content. And among these sites are Club Peter North and Cover My Face, two awesome cumshot sites. So if you want to see women swallow it down, or see some huge facial cum shots or lots of other different things, BrainPass is a great way to go. They offer videos in a variety of resolutions, 56k, 350k, and 700k in Mpegs and WMV. They also have the option to download the full scene in a 2000k WMV file, which looks awesome at full screen, but that option is only available on about a third of the scenes, which is frustrating. But it is available on all the "Load My Mouth" scenes. There is not trial membership, so the $29.95 is the only way to go. There are so many videos, and they are very well organized, that it is well worth the price.

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The "L" Word

Ok, I am going to digress for a little from my usual topic of cumshots. Have you seen all the free videos on Youtube for the new Showtime series "The L Word"? Man, I guess Showtime is jumping on the viral marketing bandwagon. The clips are obviously totally professionally done, and if Showtime didn't want them on there, one call to Youtube and they would be history. But they currently dominate the top listings for "lesbian" and even for "kissing". I have to say it works, as watching just a few of those clips has made me want to order Showtime just for the series. But, I'll have to see what pops up on the web after the series debuts. But any show that can make really erotic lesbian stuff, without going either too softcore or too hardcore, is going to be a hit in my book, and it looks like they pull it off. We'll have to see how good the show is when it starts on Jan. 7. It will be interesting to see how hardcore they get, and if the sex ends up being only a tiny fraction of the show, and it is all just a big tease, or what. Hey, at least it is something a little intriguing from the tv world, which doens't happen that often.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Gulp It Down

Alright, you know I am a fan of the facial, but I though some of you might appreciate these cum swallowing videos here. You don't come across these as frequently as you see other types of cumshot, most likely because not too many porn starlets want to be eating a load of goo every day (yes, some of these women shoot a new scene almost every day - some do 2 or 3 scenes in one day!) So it is understandable for a variety of reasons why the would avoid ingesting all that nasty stuff. But evidently that are still a few pornstars out there who are willing to swallow it down, and I'm sure they get a nice little bump in pay for doing so. So a few extra bucks and free lunch. How can you go wrong? Just kidding. Either way, these are a couple decent clips. But the best thing about the site is the total knockout down the bottom of the page. Now, that is one sexy looking chick. Her pics alone are worth a trip to this nice little site. She is definitely smack-a-tastic. Did I just invent that word? Someone must have said it before. But I like it.

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Crazy Facials

This is a sweet collection of facial cumshot videos over here. There has to be about a dozen galleries on there with a few really huge facials courtesy of the human geyser Peter North. This guy is unbelievable. Don't forget to scroll down all the way to the bottom of the page, there are more galleires beneath the ads. But the second gallery is the craziest of them all. It's the one on the boat and he blows as big a load as I have ever seen. He gets out like 5 huge squirts. How in the world does he do that? Whatever vitamins he is taking, I want some. The other great on is at the bottom of the page and says "Facial With Glasses". He manages to get almost all the cum to land on her face, and she acts like she totally loves it. You simply don't get much better than that. It has it all. What a great clip to find for free. Have fun!

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Some Cream Pie Galleries

Hey, if you are into internal cumshot videos then take a gander at this site. They have a few really nice galleries from All Internal. I personally am not all that into the cream pie thing, but lots of people dig it. It is a nice break from the ever present facial. Even I get bored with facials occasionally - they are almost all the same and it is so annoying when the woman is not into it. Blowing a load onto a woman's face when she is wincing and just totally grossed out at the idea is not a turn on for me, that is for sure. They gotta want it, or forget it. But these creampie clips are very nice qaulity. The site they are from makes their own movies in very high resolution. They have about 200 different eipisodes on their site, and all of them are downloadable, and the video resolution is very high - over 1000k - and they look great even maxed out on my nineteen inch monitor. A great site for people who want high res videos where the guy cums inside. They have some anal ones, too, which I have to admit pretty much grossed me out. I do not need to see them squirt the stuff out their butt with their sphincter stretched out - that is just nasty. If I wanted to be a proctologist, I would have taken that proctology correspondence course ;) But if this is your thing, AI will provide you with around 200 very high quality movies that you can save.

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

In Search of the Best Facial

I'm always on the lookout for a really outstanding faical cumshot video. The kind where the guy blows a massive load, and the girl is very happy to recieve it. You gotta have both those things for a truly great ending to a scene. Most scenes fail in one of the two aspects of a great money shot. More often than not, the female star simply cannot pretend to love getting cummed on - it is obvious to the viewer that she is kind of grossed out by the whole thing, and that just totally ruins it for me. She's got to look like she wants it. And that is hard to find. Combine that with a guy who can produce more jizz than a prized stallion, and you have a winner. I'll try to find some winners, as well as some runners-up, and post links to the ones that deserve special attention. So stay tuned fellow facial fanatics.

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